Why sheepskins for Yoga?

Animal skins have been used for millennia around the world for yoga and meditation.

They provide warmth and insulation from the earth’s magnetic field thus making meditation easier.

They greatly enhance Yoga practice giving you a warm, cosy experience, which feels beautifully supportive especially at relaxation time.

The sheepskins are a by-product.The sheep do not die for their skins, therefore we are truly up-cycling and Yogi Bhajan said that this blesses and helps to liberate the animal soul.

Sheepskins make stunning accessories for the home, on the sofa, the bed or the floor. They add comfort for driving in the car, can be ideal as Equestrian accessories and are great for the elderly and babies.

Sat nam

I am Kundalini Yoga Teacher affiliated to KYTA and a community care worker for local elderly people. I have created this small family business in South Devon to supply you with these amazing Sheepskins, handmade lavender eye pillows and bespoke waterproof duffle bags for carrying it all in to your classes, workshops, retreats and festivals.

Every final product has been either handmade or home grown here in Devon.

Looking after Mother Earth and proud to be Made In England, we encourage and support local communities and small businesses, therefore everything has a tiny carbon footprint.

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